June 2019 – Bulgaria

Media literacy for learning in modern times

  • Chocolate game about communication media with Bulgarian students
  • Lecture of “Cyber security threats”
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Last international meeting – conference: reports, analyzes, conclusions
  • High in Vitosha mountain workshop

Lets desing the next step..>

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2 thoughts on “June 2019 – Bulgaria

  1. It was a real pleasure being part of our last meeting in Bulgaria. Not only because we had the change the beautiful capital of Sofia but also because we joined a few interesting workshops and meetings about media literacy. The one I enjoyed the most was about using technology for teaching in a safe way. We collaborated in groups and created a cardboard to explain some of our best ideas. I hope that even a small part of the brilliant ideas which comes out in these team works will become true in our future schools.

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