October 2018 – Romania

2nd LLT in Romania

Unforgettable memories from 2nd LLT in Romania!


We started with red sweatshirts on blu Erazmus + embroderies

😉 Walking to the promenade we came to our G.Moisil Theoretical high school, where so prepared teachers and studens were unpatient to be our hosts, friends and colleagues <3

 If u need to be advanced in YoungMediaLiteracyInEurope just follow our schedule -> workshops->posters->poems and never-stop-working-lovely-teachers:* One leaf of the story of the Tulcea meating point flew down to the autumn Danube

Obiective – Webpage of Tulchea daily>> Over 40 students and teachers from Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece and Italy, along with students and teachers from Grigore Moisil High School in Tulcea, visited the Prefect Institution – Tulcea County yesterday. During the meeting with the prefect Lucian Furdui, the students and teachers of the Erasmus Plus project “Young Media Literates of Europe” learned about the role of the prefect in the territory and asked questions about the safety of the information transmitted to the public through the official communication channels, respectively the official https page.

prepared to the media lecture in the Univercity of Galati

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